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For my most recent pitch at FOX, I came up with some advertising quotes, none of which we used.  So if you’re ever in need of some funny, somewhat dark quotations about the advertising industry, help yourself (please give credit).  I’ll probably use them as dialogue lines for our main character once the show goes, so look for these and other great lines sometime in 2014 when our show airs…  we haven’t heard a “yes” yet, but we haven’t heard a “no” either.

– Money is the root of all evil.  Advertising is the root of all money.
– Advertising never sleeps.  It does however pass out from too much booze.
– We don’t want a good product.  A good product sells itself.
– Advertising never sleeps.  Probably because of all the cocaine.
– Good people never sold anything.
– Advertising is the opposite of conscience.
– A product is only as good as the people who sell it, and we’ve got some some really shitty products.
– I could sell ice to an eskimo, so long as the eskimo saw my ad campaign.
– A group of people working together to lie to the masses.  Now that’s a family.
– Advertising and Public Relations are two sides of a coin… Ideally a rather large coin that I would like to put in my pocket.
– We have a great product.  Now we need to figure out why someone would ever want it.
– The secret to a terrible product is figuring out why everyone needs it.


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