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Category Archives: Fun little crap

Here’s some things that I make when I should actually be productive. This crap amuses me.

I know it’s not safe to take pictures of the license plate on the car in front of you while your driving.  I couldn’t help myself though.  I wonder if there’s any type of skype-commencement ceremony.  I picture the grads walking past their web cam and waving.  Proud alumni.


this was pretty cool

Alternate Headline: North Hollywood, the new West Hollywood?

Alternate Headline: Local supermarket’s Lucky Charms special “Through the Roof”

Of course I got my cat a Halloween costume.  The resemblance is uncanny. At this point, there is no question that my cat is part Night Fury.

So my awesome gf, Eleanor is working on the movie “Looper” in NOLA, but being the rad chick she is, sent me some pics to have fun with.

I picture Maverick (played by myself) as a Maverick chef, no measuring, no rules.  Just great instincts and awesome food.

I get sent to Top Chef because, although Cougar’s fusion cuisine was the best, he couldn’t handle the pressure cooker.  So me and my sous chef Goose (a pro at fowl dishes) head out.  We meet the others, like Sliders, Baster, Triper, and the best of the best, Ice Cream Man.

Goose dies in a baking accident, and I have to find a way to carry on.  I meet a hot restaurateur chick, only to find out she is one of my teachers.  she loves my no rules cooking and we bang.  She comments on how reckless I am with very expensive truffles and such.

After defeating the communists in a cook-off, I return to Top Chef as a teacher.

It writes itself…

– Ice Cream Man: “You can be my sous chef anytime.”  Maverick: “Bullshit.  You can be mine.”

– Mav: “That’s right.  Ice…Cream… Man.  I am dangerous.”

– Mav: “On the count of three, we’re gonna saute.  3-2-1… SAUTE!”

Mav: Kitchen, this is Ghost Rider requesting a fryby.  Kitchen Boss Johnosn: That’s a negative, Ghost Rider, the oven is full.

– Mav: You don’t have time to think in there.  If you think, you’re dead.

– Mav: Too close for tongs, I’m switching to spatula.

I know this is posted below, but I'm still learning how to do this stuff.